[Marxism] What the Bouzhies are saying: India faces growing threat from Maoist rebels

Prem K Govindaswamy govi0006 at umn.edu
Fri Nov 18 17:26:33 MST 2005

     This is an article about the Naxalite mov't in India. Notice how the
article says 

    Successive federal governments' failure to pay proper attention to the
Maoist activities has resulted in the rebels gaining influence in rural
areas where landlords have exploited the poor. Maoists says they represent
the poor and landless

     Notice how the reporter basically writes that problem is not the
landlords exploiting the poor, the extreme poverty, starvation, lack of
social and human rights such as food, healthcare, etc., but the lack of
police state measures to crush the Naxalites. Of all the bourgeoisie of the
underdeveloped and impoverished world, I would dare to say the Indian
Bourgeoisie and ruling class are probably the most particularly crass,
shameless, repulsive, and willing to whore their nation to exploitation by
imperialist bourgeoisie. Although, I would say some of the bourgeoisie of
Eastern Europe, especially Poland certainly give the Indian bouzhies a run
for their money, with the article 
"Poland may host part of US missile system"
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