[Marxism] Jesuits molested Inuit children

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Sat Nov 19 09:51:52 MST 2005

The book *Chain Her By One Foot: The Subjugation of Native Women in 
Seventeenth-Century New France* is worth checking out.

Book Description

In this highly original volume of social history, Karen Anderson makes a 
provocative claim: the subjugation of women in seventeenth-century New 
France was linked with the brutal colonization of native Indian populations. 
Before colonization, the Huron and Montagnais tribes lived in 
gender-egalitarian societies. The domination of women by men was only one 
effect of French ``civilization''--along with warfare, disease, famine and 
Jesuit proselytization--which combined to destroy Indian culture and sexual 
equality. Anderson's is an interdisciplinary, cross-cultural, feminist case 
study of the historical and political construction of gender and racial 

Also, this book looks good:

Christine Choo, Mission Girls, Aboriginal Women on Catholic Missions in the 
Kimberley, Western Australia, 1900-1950, Crawley, UWA Press, 2001,


In her detailed analysis of two Catholic missions in Beagle Bay and Drysdale 
[Australia], Choo demonstrates the centrality of indigenous women to the 
colonial civilising mission. This has been highlighted in seminal studies by 
Diane Bell (Daughters of the Dreaming, 1983) and, in comparative colonial 
contexts, by Megan Vaughan (Curing their Ills: Colonial Power and African 
Illness, 1991) and Karen Anderson, (Chain Her by One Foot: The Subjugation 
of [Huron] Women in Seventeenthth Century New France, 1991). The control of 
female sexuality was crucial to Christian conversion but, as all these 
studies have demonstrated, women frequently proved strongly resistant to 
Christian marriage and morality and imposed European gender identities. In 
the Kimberley the missionary goal was to transform 'promiscuous' Aboriginal 
women (who, suggests Choo, were the women who resisted such 
'transformations') into collaborative 'good mission women' (86), and ensure 
children were brought up in an enabling mission environment. However, as 
Choo ably demonstrates, the subtext was the enforcement of racial boundaries 
through attempts to prevent interracial sex and to promote assimilation 
which would diminish 'bad' Aboriginal customs relating to sex, marriage and 
gender relations.


LA Times, November 19, 2005
Missionary's Dark Legacy

Two remote Alaska villages are still reeling from a Catholic volunteer's
sojourn three decades ago, when he allegedly molested nearly every Eskimo
boy in the parishes. The accusers, now men, are scarred

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