[Marxism] In defence of Jack Barnes.

Josh Saxe joshsaxe at gmail.com
Sat Nov 19 15:18:13 MST 2005

"Marxmail has 3 times as many subscribers as there are
members of the SWP, to give you and idea of the political proportions."

This is no measure of "proportions" - to put it mildly, the SWP is
still much more important than an internet mailing list, and the
organization may yet have an important role to play if their analysis
proves correct and the next upsurge takes place within the industrial
proletariat.  The important thing is that it is a disciplined grouping
of people who demonstrate their commitment to the working class not
just through words but through their life decisions and actions.  In a
period like this when that is by no means easy, that is always to be
taken seriously, however much we think their politics are wrong.

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