[Marxism] Re: In Defense of Jack Barnes

Brian Shannon Brian_Shannon at verizon.net
Sat Nov 19 16:02:50 MST 2005

The present on-line edition of The Militant has two good articles on 
Rosa Parks and E.D. Nixon.* Their contents show the importance of an 
organization that is organizationally committed to and has a vision of 
socialist revolution in the United States. Although the SWP had just 
come out a faction-fight that was even more important than the 
better-known one with the Shachtmanites, it still was able to mobilize 
itself and workers in order to aid the Montgomery Bus Boycott.

Today the same organization promotes its publishing house in Africa and 
then comes home to present forums based on its successful trip to 
Africa. A couple of years ago, the trip was to North Korea. If this 
were only a part of a grander strategy, the SWP could be complimented. 
As it is ...

1956 was a "very good year": the Montgomery Bus Boycott, the Khrushchev 
Revelations, the Hungarian Revolution, the Suez Crisis, all tremors 
before the storm. Despite its size and its losses from the Cochranite 
fight, the McCarthy period, and the letdown from Cannon's millennialism 
in the 1946 Theses on the American Revolution, the SWP had the ability 
to respond. By then, it also contained the seeds of its destruction. 
Distinguishing how these two elements were blended in one imperfect 
organization remains to be done.

Brian Shannon


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