[Marxism] Can North Korea still be considered a deformed workers state?

Prem K Govindaswamy govi0006 at umn.edu
Sat Nov 19 16:49:56 MST 2005

Conditions within North Korea are very difficult to tell, as there is
practically no news in the mainstream media which focuses on living
conditions and general conditions w/in NK (there is or at least was a
regular column in a South Korean publication by a Russian who lived in NK
for some time.) Given the fact that the capitalist press will almost always
lie, exaggerate, etc., and also that figures the Stalinist bureaucracy
gives are also not trustworthy, it is almost impossible to get a sense of
the conditions for average people. That being said, at the risk of being
cowardly and lacking solidarity,  I wanted to know if North Korea could
still be considered even a deformed workers state. The main thing that
brings up the questions is that apparently, the state dropped all reference
to Marxism-Leninism in the constitution with Juche. While it is true that
there is a stong state sector, there are many nations with a strong state
sector. For example, Nasser's Egypt had a strong state sector. Furthermore,
we know that simply b/c a regime states that it's communist doesn't mean
that it actually is. For example, the famous Pol Pot case. From what I've
heard, Pol Pot basically hadn't read Marx. The regime was essentially a
khmer medievalist one. Even if that was the case, opposing any US assault
of any form on NK is still a necessity.  

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