[Marxism] re: jack barnes

Amaral1871 at aol.com Amaral1871 at aol.com
Sun Nov 20 08:40:40 MST 2005

 I don't mean to denigrate the  very useful, supplementary role Marxmail does 
play. My main concern was how Louis exaggerations of the role of the list  - 
articulated not just as focused on regroupment but on a grander working out of 
the party/class dynamic - serves to reinforce a tendency towards pessimism 
and inactivity. The biggest obstacle we face - at least among younger people - 
is a pessimism about the importance  of organisation, and a related 
misunderstanding of how ideas change (or don't) through struggle. If we all gave up our 
paper sales and our movement work - our real world engagements with the class, 
to follow more closely the arguments in Marxmail (and other lists) or to 
sharpen our rhetorical/polemical skills, it would be a very real loss. More 
importantly, I think this real world engagement is, at the least, as important in 
working ourselves out of the historical mis-steps of the revolutionary left as 
discussions on Marxmail (or elsewhere).

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