[Marxism] Marxism] China-Brazil hydroelectric project generatesprotests

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Fred says: "I think socialists should be in favor of electrification in
Brazil and other third-world countries."

Nope.  We're in favor of electrification plus soviets.  Big difference,
difference between commodity fetishism and class struggle.  We,
socialists, just don't endorse development as a thing in itself.  If
that were the case, all aboard the Milton Friedman globalization stage
coach, next stop Maquilladorville.

Fred says: "Can Brazil end poverty or much else WITHOUT

Wrong rhetorical question, Fred.  Can capitalist electrification in
capitalist Brazil end poverty?  Of course not.  That's our real issue.
Who cares why the NYT writes what it writes?

Fred says: "Will these peasants get screwed?  It could very well be, and
we should support their fight for fair treatment."

First Fred, they're not peasants.  Secondly, there ain't no 'could very
well be' about it.  This hydro-electric plan is not separate and apart
from the general capitalist attack on indigenous peoples, agricultural
laborers  in the rural areas.

Yeah, and when China begins to export cars made by VW, driving VW int
further abandonment of Brazil, when it reduces its imports of soybeans
and actually begins to export them against Brazilian soybeans, you'll be
reading about Lula, or whoever follows him, making criticcal remarks
about China's role in the world economy.  Just don't forget to leave out
capitalist when discussing that.

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