[Marxism] ACTION ALERT: Hampton U students face expulsion for peaceful protest

Elizabeth Wrigley-Field ewrigleyfield at gmail.com
Sun Nov 20 18:27:27 MST 2005

URGENT: Three Hampton University (Virginia) students have a hearing at 10 AM
Monday to determine whether they will be expelled for participating in
peaceful protest! The students were only informed of
this hearing at 6 PM Friday night. Read below how you can help.

For ongoing updates: http://www.campusantiwar.net/
 This call to action was written by John Robinson of Hampton University:

Act NOW to support Hampton University Students

On Wednesday November 2, 2005, students at Hampton University participated
in the Nation-Wide Student Walkout and highlighted problems such as the
massive urban renewal in New Orleans, HIV and
AIDS, Homophobia, the crisis in Sudan, and the War in Iraq which was
sensationally repressed by the CAMPUS POLICE. During the walk-out, several
students were booked just because they had on Resist or Die stickers and
others were booked for looking "suspicious." Some students were even
threatened with expulsion.

Today, students have a hearing under the grounds that they were "cajoling"
and "proselytizing," observed putting up unauthorized flyers and involved in
unapproved protest and demonstration. These students attempted to educate
the student body about political and social issues. And because they decided
to participate in the student walk-out, the most severe punishment for this
infraction is expulsion
from the University.

Take action now to support Hampton University Students right to educate and
inform the student body about human rights.

Be sure to call and/or send a letter to the following decision maker(s):

Dr. Bennie McMorris, Vice President for Student Affairs
bennie.mcmorris at hamptonu.edu

Woodson Hopewell, Dean of Men
woodson.hopewell at hamptonu.edu

Jewel Long, Dean of Women
jewel.long at hamptonu.edu

Subject: Support for Hampton University Students

Dear, [decision maker name automatically inserted here],

I am writing to support Hampton University's students who are being
threatened with expulsion for participating in the National Student Walkout
on November 2, 2005. The student group that organized the walkout has not
been officially recognized, even though they have applied numerous times.
They have been consistently denied access to the democratic process to which
as students they are entitled, and
through which it can be determined if they are worthy of recognition.

We demand that the hearings be dropped and that you change your policy on
student protests and demonstrations.


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