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November 21, 2005 -- In this issue

Note from the Editor:  Following the Bush administration's Iraq war
rhetoric these days, one gets a sense of what it must be like inside
Karl Rove's brain; analyzing, attacking, checking the pulse, changing
strategy, refocusing... If charges of "irresponsible" to
"reprehensible" seem disingenuous, try allegations of revisionism; if
that doesn't stick (due to those Meet the Press transcripts and Abu
Ghraib photos, perhaps?) then try taking a higher ground, invoking
freedom of speech and dissent. For an administration that doesn't
care about polls, no matter what it tries it can't seem to increase
the job approval ratings: Bush, 34; Rumsfeld, 34; Cheney, 30,
Hastert, 22; Republicans in Congress, 27; Democrats in Congress, 25;
and most frightening of all, Condi Rice, 52. How can 52% approve of
Condi Rice, while only 27% feel that the country's headed in the
right direction? Will someone please provide a job description for
Secretary of State?

Of course, experiences are subjective and words can only approximate
them. It is up to each of us, Milo Clark explains, to understand the
depredations being heaped upon the world by those who have usurped
power in Washington, D.C. With support for the war in Iraq dropping
as fast as Bush's approval, Philip Greenspan asks how much longer can
it last and what will it take to stop it? Robert Wrubel provides some
scenarios, building on a recent Michael Doliner piece and giving
advice to the Democrats; William Hathaway, however, says we must
change the politics of No Choice. Deck Deckert's holding out for Mr.
Bush's impeachment, and short of that, is counting down the seconds
remaining in the Bush reign. Dubya may well spend more and more of it
in friendlier places like Mongolia and China -- Jan Baughman has a
look at George and Ahnold's respective retreats to Asia.

Our Arts & Culture corner could be hijacked by American capitalist
ingenuity. Alma Hromic shares a frightening, true story of patent
attorney Andrew F. Knight's plan to make a bundle by patenting
storylines; thereby putting her and every other author, film maker,
and playwright out of business. Shakespeare would be a very wealthy
man, if he weren't turning in his grave. Actually, if he were alive
today, according to a recent Charles Marowitz lecture, he'd be
warding off the cinematic plagiarists -- perhaps with representation
by the very Knight & Associates...

The editor's blips delve further into the justification for
impeachment and the historical evidence that it will never happen;
the bicephalous system and the alternatives; and the dark side of
Anderson Valley. Finally, your letters regarding Lukacs, Tocqueville,
and more.

As always, please form your OWN opinion, and let your friends (and
foes) know about Swans.


Here are the links to the articles:

Re-Reading Wittgenstein To Grok Now
- by Milo Clark

How Much Longer Will The War Last
- by Philip Greenspan

Cold Porridge, The Morning After
- by Robert Wrubel

The Politics Of No Choice
- by William T. Hathaway

Impeachment Is Just Another Word, For Nothing Left To Lose
- by Deck Deckert

When The Going Gets Tough, The Tough Go To Asia
- by Jan Baughman

End Of Story
- by Alma A. Hromic

Cinematizing Shakespeare
- by Charles Marowitz

Blips #29 - Tidbits Flying Across the Martian Desk
- by Gilles d'Aymery

Your Letters


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