[Marxism] NYT's Frank Rich fears "war on terrorism" (read: Afghanistan and "Islamofascism") is going down drain, too

Marvin Gandall marvgandall at videotron.ca
Sun Nov 20 20:11:46 MST 2005

Fred Feldman copied:

One War Lost, Another to Go
    By Frank Rich
    The New York Times

    Sunday 20 November 2005
The fear of terrorist attack, extending across the political spectrum, is
tailor-made for the emergence of a man on a white horse who promises to
stand above the fray and restore order and integrity to an anxious and
divided America. The current national mood is captured in the revealing
comments by Rich, a strong liberal Democrat: "We must prepare accordingly
for what's to come", he writes. "To do so we need leaders, whatever the
political party..." Who else can Rich be alluding to other than John McCain,
the likely next president of the US and the only politician in either party
presently available to the ruling class to restore the frayed authority of
the US government at home and abroad?

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