[Marxism] On Brazilian dams, imperialism, and indigenous people

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Mon Nov 21 07:31:35 MST 2005

Nestor wrote:
>An imperialist journalist, working for an imperialist newspaper,
>defending the rights of a local population against a Latin American
>state sounds very bad to my ears.  Rohter's article is an exercise in
>hypocrisy.  The NYT is applying to Brazil its own, modernized,
>version of "states rights", and its arguments resemble those of the
>pro-South British newspapers against Lincoln.  "Why, don't you see
>that Lincoln does not give freedom to slaves?"

For comrades' information, Nestor has always been hostile to "separatist" 
demands by indigenous peoples in Latin America. Frankly, I was shocked by 
his attempt to portray the Mapuche Indians as a kind of cat's paw of 
imperialism for insisting on their rights to keep mineral and timber 
companies from encroaching on their land. In fact, the land claims of 
indigenous peoples *must come first*, even against the claims of a 
modernizing national bourgeoisie. If Marxism cannot be the tribune of the 
continent's original inhabitants, who suffered centuries of genocide and 
dispossession, then it is worthless.



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