[Marxism] Grass-roots groups in U.S. promote Chavez's 'revolution'

Juan Carlos juancarloscruz at hotmail.com
Mon Nov 21 10:38:51 MST 2005

Hello: And i think that the U.S has been a military-imperialist system since 
early stages of its foundation.  Most people don't have memories really, and 
they think that the only evil-doer president and system in the U.S. is the 
Bush and his neocons hawks.  But i think that the USA (According to Gore 
Vidal) has been a military-imperialist-plutocracy since it's foundation.  
That's just my theory though i might be wrong

Juan Carlos

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Interesting because it isn't in the print edition (at least the copy that 
showed up on my doorstep this morning). Maybe tomorrow. Hopefully 
(presumably) this will run in K-R newspapers across the country.

Maybe they're trying to go out in a blaze of glory before they get sold to a 
right-wing outfit, as is now near, if not on, the table. K-R, as I suspect 
most people know, has had some of the most skeptical, and important, 
coverage of the invasion and occupation of Iraq and the lies surrounding it, 
dating back before the invasion.

Eli Stephens
  Left I on the News

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