[Marxism] Re Jack Barnes

robert montgomery ilyenkova at gmail.com
Mon Nov 21 13:18:43 MST 2005

"the SWP mostly composed of small circles of intellectuals and
outsiders to the workers movement with a few exceptions, etc - then
three tiny marginal groups led three general strikes that demonstrated
a way forward for the working class and turned the capitalist
offensive of that period around. "

I may be repeating your own point but those three mass strikes were
led by the Unemployed Leagues of A.J. Muste in Toledo (as Muste moved
towards merger with Cannon); by the Trotskyist nucleus around Farrell
Dobbs in Minneapolis; and, the CP Longshore leader, Harry Bridges, in
San Fransisco. It seems that specifying the politics and
organizational links of the leaders of these epochal strikes
strengthens your general point.

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