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  Dear, friend!
  November 22nd  2005
 As per our analysis this week, the  Orange Democratic Movement (ODM), which has been campaigning for a "No  vote" in the just concluded November 21st referendum on a New  Constitution, has emerged victorious. At the time of releasing this  statement, the Yes or "Banana side", led by President Mwai Kibaki, had  garnered a total of 1,006,632 votes while the No or "Orange side" was  leading with 1,446,830 votes.
  There is no need of waiting for the final results to be announced  because the outcome will be obvious - No will win. There are 8  provinces in Kenya and from initial reports, the "Yes" side has so far  emerged victorious only in one Province - Central province - which is  populated by the Kikuyu ethnic group. The "Yes" side has so far lost in  7 Provinces, a sign that the "Kikuyu government" mainly got votes from  the Kikuyu ethnic group. This is despite Kenyans in Central province  living under intense capitalist exploitation, absolute poverty and  great human suffering. The land issue has never been addressed or  resolved in Central province since the days of colonialism.
  Kenyans in Central province were mainly brainwashed during campaigns by  thieving Kikuyu elites in power to support "a Kikuyu President" by  voting "Yes". What they were never told is that the corrupt Kikuyu  elite have nothing in common with suffering Kikuyu workers, peasants,  students and millions of unemployed Kikuyu youth apart from a similar  language. The outcome of the Referendum confirms KESDEMO analysis that  there is no government that can come to power in Kenya today without  the support of all ethnic groups in the country.
  When KESDEMO made the above analysis in one of our statements, we were  called names by ethnic chauvinists and other forces of reaction who  were blinded with tribalism at the expense of the interest of the  Nation. The Referendum result also indicates that if Elections were  called tomorrow, Kibaki and his thieving clique of Mount Kenya Mafia  will be swept out of the scene with landslide majority.
  Despite its "Democratic nature", the calling of the referendum was in  itself, a political suicide by a corrupt and insensitive government  that turned its back against mass opposition to a counterfeit and  mongrel Constitution that was fundamentally on trial at the referendum.  We warned the government not to tamper with the Bomas draft of the  Constitution but Kibaki and his Mount Kenya Mafia cartel could not  listen.
  "The Banana project" has now been permanently buried "six feet under"  while the loud Banana megaphones at home and abroad have suddenly gone  quiet. The much awaited "Victory Party" that President Mwai Kibaki  announced would take place at State House after the "Yes victory" will  never see the light of day. Naive banana supporters and other  degenerates who expected a convivial whining and dinning session with  dance and regalia with the President at State House have to begin  licking their wounds immediately after a historic, devastating and  painful defeat at the hands of the Orange battalion.
 We take  this early opportunity to congratulate the Orange Democratic Movement  for a work well done. We also send congratulatory notes to all Kenyan  people at home and abroad who have demonstrated a high political  consciousness by voting down a mongrel Wako Constitution laden with  political dictatorship, decrees and authoritarianism.
  The defeat of the government at the referendum is also a defeat of  ethnic chauvinists surrounding Kibaki and a clear message to the  President that his time as leader of the Republic of Kenya is over.  Despite his popular election to lead the Nation in 2002, Kibaki's  defeat at the referendum and at the hands of the very Kenyans who put  him to power with an overwhelming majority is a strong statement that  the President should now be forced to resign or call a snap General  election. We believe that Kibaki will not leave power voluntarily.
  The result is proof that the current government is illegitimate and the  next reasonable option on the table should be a strategy for the  installation of a new government. This means that a campaign for a snap  general election has to begin because the results is evidence that the  people of Kenya have lost confidence in the very government they  elected in 2002.
  From the view of KESDEMO, leaders in the Orange Democratic Movement  should immediately constitute themselves into an opposition  movement/Party to begin a struggle for power. MPs aligned to the Orange  camp should make it impossible for Parliament to operate because after  the defeat of the government, Kibaki and his lackeys must be weeded out  of the political system because their ethnic posturing, arrogance,  murder tactics and other dirty schemes during the Referendum campaigns  have proved that they should not be in control of the State machine.
  During the campaigns, eight Kenyans were murdered in cold blood after  they were shot by GSU and police who were taking direct orders "to  shoot to kill" from John Michuki, Minister of Internal security. With  its brutal handling of rallies called by the Orange team, the  government demonstrated that in times of crisis, it will be prepared to  unleash all instruments of violence against its own people regardless  of whether or not human life is at stake.
  The huge waste of tax payer's money to support an illegitimate  Constitution which has finally been rejected by Kenyans should be  compensated by the exit from power of Kibaki and the arrogant Mount  Kenya Mafia which is drunk with power. This exit can only be  facilitated through an election and the ODM should not budge on this  strategy.
 Kenyans witnessed with amazement how an Orange  rally at Mombasa was banned by the government, how Kibaki referred to  Orange campaigners as "Wapumbavu" (Stupid people), Mavi ya Kuku  (Chicken shit) and other expletives. Surely, is this the kind of  language fitting for a President who came to power on a popular program  for change and reconciliation?
 The  view of KESDEMO is that the Referendum has eventually exposed the real  pumbafu - President Mwai Emilio Kibaki - with Mount Kenya Mafia gang  assuming the distinction of Mavi ya Kuku. The gang failed to advice  their President correctly and the immediate consequence is an impending  exit from power. Let Kenyans not have new wapumbavus and mavi ya kukus  leading the country because this is an expensive risk the country  cannot afford to take!
  KESDEMO demands that Michuki, a former District Officer (DO) during the  colonial dictatorship who is also Kenya's Minister for Internal  Security and who sent thousands of Mau Mau fighters and sympathizers to  detention and concentration camps, be weeded out of government once and  for all. The Police Commissioner, Mount Kenya Mafia cartel and anybody  who participated or was implicated in any way in political/economic  crimes against the Kenyan people should be fired and taken to court to  face justice. The likes of Michuki and company should never again be  allowed to seize new opportunities to murder innocent Kenyans in cold  blood using the police.
  The Referendum has exposed President Kibaki as a dictator who will try  to bribe or buy voters during desperate times. Kenyans witnessed with  amazement as Kibaki welcomed at State House one sycophantic delegation  after another to be bribed with money, promises of universities, roads,  title deeds and other "development projects" at their home grounds to  induce them to vote "Yes".
 The truth is that the Referendum  brought to light the serious senility and atrophy of the President's  brain especially after the Head of State failed to understand that the  delegations he was bribing at State House were gangs of traitors who  did not have the support of their constituents especially on the  question of the Referendum which the government eventually lost. With  this catastrophic failure of judgment, the President can longer be  trusted with charting the future of Kenya and this is why he needs to  pack his belongings and leave State House sooner rather than later  because Kenyans must move on.
  During the Referendum, Kibaki tried to bribe voters in areas where he  believed he had support by creating a record 27 new districts in the  republic. This is yet another sign that Kibaki must be forced to go in  early retirement because by announcing the creation of 27 districts  through "road side declarations" just to induce Kenyans to vote "Yes",  the President was, in reality, treating Kenya as a private estate which  can be demarcated at will and at any time as long as such a move  carried with it political advantage. Kibaki must go into immediate  retirement because after creating 27 districts in total disregard of  financial and logistical implications just to try and win a Referendum,  how many districts will he create to try and win a General election?
 The existing  districts in Kenya are dysfunctional with poor infrastructure, lack of  medical services, poor education facilities and non existent social  amenities. Creating new districts when the existing ones are  dysfunctional was demonstrated lack of vision and wisdom on the part of  the President and his policy makers. This kind of tendency should be  put to a permanent end and it is also for this reason that KESDEMO is  calling for the overthrow of Kibaki together with his thieving Mafia  cartel.
 Kenyans and the world watched with bated breath when  Mr. David Ochami, a Kenya Times Journalist, was illegally arrested by  police for an opinion piece he published in Kenya Times. The message  the Kibaki government was sending with this arrest was that journalists  needed to censor themselves "Moi style" before releasing reports or  opinion pieces for publication. The point we are trying to make here is  that under Kibaki, there is no guarantee of Press freedom! In the  middle of the Referendum campaigns, a Kalenjim FM radio station was  banned from broadcasting, a dangerous sign that Kenyans were not safe  at all with the government of the day.
  We don't have to mention the unmitigated corruption that has permeated  the whole of the Kibaki regime and the open tribalism when it comes to  appointment of public officers. It is safe to conclude that Kibaki's  style of leadership is a direct replica of the Moi dictatorship which  ravaged Kenya for 24 years. With this latest defeat and the anti-Kibaki  mood in the whole country, why should Kibaki and his Mount Kenya Mafia  (whose leadership is of darkness and death) remain in power? In  celebrating the Kibaki and Mount Kenya Mafia defeat, we are also  celebrating the resilience of Kenyans especially when it comes to  struggle against dictators.
 The Mau Mau defeated British  colonialism before they were betrayed by home guards who seized power  to serve the interests of imperialism. Kenyans defeated Moi's schemes  of a one Party dictatorship before eventually defeating the schemes of  the dictator who wanted to further the KANU agenda of perpetual rule  over the population. It is this defeat that ushered Narc to power. Now  that Kibaki has shown his true colors, there is no more time to waste.  Let us get rid of Kibaki, his Mount Kenya Mafia and all old ethnic  chauvinists from government. Apart from the capitalist system which is  a major stumbling block in Kenya, President Kibaki is currently one of  the biggest obstacles to the liberation Movement in Kenya. Kibaki must  go!
  Kibaki was given the mantle to try and write the wrongs of the Moi  dictatorship. Now, the President has forgotten his mandate and is  acting like Hitler in Kenya. The referendum is the first step towards  Kibaki's overthrow. With this sweet defeat, the unfinished business is  that of showing Kibaki the door. Let the real campaign for Kibaki's  overthrow begin in earnest. The struggle against dictatorship,  Neo-colonialism and imperialist domination in Kenya must continue  because our country, Kenya, does not belong to individuals. The Mount  Kenya Mafia must go and this will not happen without a snap General  election.
  Martin Ngatia: ngatia_martin at hotmail.com
  Okoth Oasewe: osewe at hotmail.com
  KESDEMO Central Committee
  Best regards,

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