[Marxism] Rethinking "organizing the unorganized"

Prem K Govindaswamy govi0006 at umn.edu
Mon Nov 21 21:02:42 MST 2005

These is pretty much correct. The question now is -how- do we go about
doing this? What is the strategy for this? It is known that the unions are
controlled by a caste of bureaucrats who usurp democracy out of this and
thus resort to class collaboration, and that this bureaucracy can be
compared to the CP bureaucracy in China, USSR, etc in it's role as a dead
weight on working class movements. To expect that we can propose these
ideas to the bureaucracy, who have much control over the unions, and that
they will "see the light", is utopian at best, in the same way that
presenting all the facts about how capitalism and imperialism are
destroying humanity to the Republican and Democratic parties and hoping
they will "see the light". I am NOT saying this to denigrate your point,
which is very much correct. I am saying this b/c I believe this is a
serious question that the left/working
need to figure a solid strategy for. 

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