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Nestor Gorojovsky nestorgoro at fibertel.com.ar
Tue Nov 22 03:52:12 MST 2005

Rrubinelli sayeth:

[Nestor is] "Confusing the tasks of permanent revolution, its 
"things," breaking up the archaic relations of rural production, 
emancipating labor from the countryside, establishing strong 
reciprocating relations between city and countryside, with the AGENT 
of permanent revolution.  That agent is exactly NOT a national front, 
exactly not a leftist KMT.  And of all historical events, the 
decapitation of the Chinese revolution by the KMT is the proof in the 
negative of the need for the permanent revolution, where tasks and 
agents are not confused."

Nope.  Those tasks are NOT the tasks of permanent revolution.  Those 
are the tasks of bourgeois revolution.  Permanent revolution has no 
tasks at all, it is the description of the general process of 
revolutionary developments, which can be seen even within bourgeois 
revolutions and could be summed up in a conservative way with the  
quite mainstream observation that the masses must fight for what is 
impossible if history is to obtain that which is possible.

The AGENT of history (and of revolutions, either permanent or 
ossified) are the actual oppressed masses (which I shun from defining 
as simply "the working class" and other "leftist" shibboleths.  Those 
masses, in Latin America, will have to take as their own lot to put 
the bourgeois tasks in their backsack, and will fulfill those tasks 
by socialist or socializing means and measures.

The first task of a bourgeoisie is to gain full control of its own 
social formation.  In Latin America, this means to put imperialists 
out of the boundaries of the country.  This is best done by socialist 
methods, but the theoretical truth behind this assertion must be 
demonstrated in practice, Marxists must earn the confidence of the 
masses by showing themselves the most daring and serious fighters in 
the common struggle against the national enemy.  "Socialism and this 
nation are one and a single thing", used to say -and to enact- Ho Chi 
Minh, and this is why he could win the leadership of the VN 
liberation front to the VN Kuomintang.

I am not talking about "left wing" KMT.  This was the dream of the 
"left wing Peronists" in Argentina.  But I am not a Peronist, I have 
never been, and will never be.  "Left wings" within the national 
bourgeois representation of the national front have only three ways 
ahead:  irrelevance, provocation, or -worse yet- to become pawns of 
the interests of the imperialist bourgeoisies.

I have no intention of being irrelevant, a provocateur, or an 
unconscious agent of Mr. George Bush.

On the other hand, and BTW, I don't know if I have "stood permanent 
revolution on its head and come up with a national front and find 
"progress" in reproducing the exact same terms of the degradation of 
labor, the indigenous, the rural poor that so identifies the 
modernity of advanced capitalism."

I don't care too much either.  I would have believed that a larger 
degree of independence of Brazil vis à vis the main enemy, that is 
the US, would not have so terrible consequences on the downtrodden.  
But what do I know.  I am just a practical Marxist politician writing 
from Buenos Aires, for whom these issues are concrete and everyday 
problems.  Most probably, I can't but misunderstand them.

That is why, I think, on the night of December 19 2001 I was exactly 
where I had to be, breathing tear gas in Plaza de Mayo and tearing 
down the last administration of the Proceso cycle in Argentina.  

This must have happenned because I put "permanent revolution" upside 
down.  Not a bad result for such a gross theoretical mistake.

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