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I really love Nestor's sense of the dramatic, his almost operatic
renditions of what is and what is not real, practical and righteous all
at once..

But opera isn't history.

So where Nestor singeth:

"Nope.  Those tasks are NOT the tasks of permanent revolution.  Those
are the tasks of bourgeois revolution.  Permanent revolution has no
tasks at all, it is the description of the general process of
revolutionary developments, which can be seen even within bourgeois
revolutions and could be summed up in a conservative way with the
quite mainstream observation that the masses must fight for what is
impossible if history is to obtain that which is possible."

The libretto of history responds:  "Nope to the nope.  The content of
permanent, telescoped, continuous revolution is that those tasks that
were thought to be the tasks of the bourgeois revolution can no longer
be accommodate fulfilled by that revolution, that class, THOSE SOCIAL
RELATIONSHIPS.  Thus the political content of the bourgeois revolution-- 
an "equality" of property and property owners,  is born dead.  The
historical tasks themselves remain, and fall to the proletariat, which
breaking through political formalites, creates that social organization
that overthrows the limitations of private property.   And because the
very backwardness of the is in fact sustained by, and sustains in turn,
modern capitalism, the proletariat's social revolution requires
completion in the advanced countries.

Where Nestor says:

"The first task of a bourgeoisie is to gain full control of its own
social formation.  In Latin America, this means to put imperialists
out of the boundaries of the country.  This is best done by socialist
methods, but the theoretical truth behind this assertion must be
demonstrated in practice, Marxists must earn the confidence of the
masses by showing themselves the most daring and serious fighters in
the common struggle against the national enemy.  "Socialism and this
nation are one and a single thing", used to say -and to enact- Ho Chi
Minh, and this is why he could win the leadership of the VN
liberation front to the VN Kuomintang."

History, and that is a history of permanent revolution, interjects.
"Never happen."  Bourgeoisie can't won't gain control of its social
formation, first and foremost because they are bourgeoisie and the
"imperialist" formation IS in fact their own social formation and the
basis for their genesis as a class.  History responds-- there is no
"common struggle against the national enemy" for the bourgeoisie as a
class  and the poor, oppressed as a class.  That truth has been written
all across the continent of the Americas, and Europe, and Asia.  Written
in Spain, Bolivia, Ecuador, Peru, Venezuela, China, Angola.

Marxists throughout Latin America have time and time again proven
themselves the most committed fighters, and time and time again have led
themselves and the poor, oppressed, and workers into defeat by this
notion of common struggle against the national enemy, when the "national
bourgeoisie," gaining control of their own social formations always and
everywhere cement that control by decimating the workers' organizations,
and usually by obtaining military aid from the imperial heartland.


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