[Marxism] Re: Can there be a puritanical attitude towards puritanism?

Brian Shannon Brian_Shannon at verizon.net
Tue Nov 22 08:02:07 MST 2005

The working class only appears conservative on these issues because of 
the resentment of significant sectors or individuals when it sees 
privilege, corruption, and hypocrisy by people in high places whom they 
already question.

Certainly the Rasputin affair was an embarrassment to the Czar's court 
and its minions, not because of its own internal standards, which were 
as low as that of any other court of that time or earlier, but because 
it feared that the scandal would demean the Czar and the aristocracy as 
a whole.

If rulers or union bureaucrats or other "leaders", whether created 
under bourgeois democracy or by the old laws or primogeniture, send 
soldiers off to die "honorable" deaths or approve of such sending, are 
themselves personally without honor, that fans a certain layer of class 
hatred. Depending on the circumstances or timing, that can be one part 
of the demystification of the ruling class.

If the demagogues of the conservative and liberal wings of the ruling 
class draw on it, it is because it exists. Otherwise, they wouldn't 
waste their breath.

As to how it should be handled, or even if it should be touched on, 
that is also a question of time and circumstance. However, we often 
pretend to be all-too-holy about it, far above the cesspool.

Readers should take a look at the URL that I cited regarding China. It 
is not about sex per se; it is about privilege and why it is hated.

Brian Shannon

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