[Marxism] Dirty Bomb Suspect Jose Padilla Indicted [after being held 3 years without charge]

Steven L. Robinson srobin21 at comcast.net
Tue Nov 22 17:25:17 MST 2005

Do you suppose they are planning, forgive the expression, a show trial  of  Padilla?  Given all the confessions that they have been extracting  from detainees they could easily concoct something. Who knows what Padilla has confessed to!  (Has he evem seen a lawyer?)  A big trial of Padilla could easily bring life into the old bloody shirt of 9-11 and help the administration immensely.  SR  

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> The Bush administration is probably doing this now 
> because they are sinking in the polls, and hope this will call 
> attention to 'the war on terror' again. If that is their hope, then 
> they are even stupider than I could have possibly imagined. The absence 
> of this charge will raise huge questions, even from our brain-dead 
> lap-dog media (well, maybe...). 

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