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Green Left Weekly #650, November 23, 2005

John Pilger on Latin America: `The rise of Bush's new enemy'

`Why are you here?', asked the man sitting opposite
me in the packed jeep-bus that chugged up the hill. Like so many in
Latin America, he appeared old, but wasn't. Without waiting for my
answer, he listed why he supported Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez:
schools, clinics, affordable food, `our constitution, our democracy' and
`for the first time, the oil money is going to us'. [Full article]

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AUSTRALIA: 600,000 protest anti-union laws: United we can beat Howard!

In the largest nationwide demonstration for workers' rights, up to
600,000 people mobilised across the country on November 15 to oppose the
federal government's unprecedented attack on the entire work force. An
unknown number of workers wanted to join the November 15 demonstrations
but faced the sack if they attended because they are casual employees.
Despite the government's multi-million dollar advertising campaign to
convince working people that its misnamed `WorkChoices' legislation will
be good for them, opposition to the legislation and distrust of the
government has grown significantly since then. [Full article]

International News

# John Pilger on Latin America: 'The rise of Bush's new enemy'
# VENEZUELA: In the trenches of the media war
# VENEZUELA: Union proposes reactivation of 700 closed enterprises
# VENEZUELA: Cheap heating oil to go to poor US communities
# VENEZUELA: Culture and politics - a tale of two suburbs
# IRAQ: A year since Fallujah's 'liberation', resistance continues
# IRAN: US floats new WMD fabrication
# ISRAEL: Soldier acquitted of killing Palestinian girl
# INDONESIA: 10 million drop below 'poverty line'
# SOUTH AFRICA:'Fucker stole my camera and shot at my mates'
# ZIMBABWE: Army mobilised against demonstrators
# Chinese uranium activist disappeared


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In Brief

# CUBA: Castro rejects US claims of Iran nukes
# BRITAIN: 'McLibel' added to dictionary
# BRITAIN: Environmentalists criticise company law reform
# LabourStart TV launched

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# 'More industrial pressure needed'
# 'Ensure the laws can never be implemented'
# 'Keep the mass action going'
# 'Howard's gone over the top'
# New Zealand unionists show solidarity

Comment and Analysis

# Cornelia Rau, ill health and criminality
# Ruddock's dishonest defence of `new' sedition laws
# Muslims reject Howard's call to dob
# Australia's plunder of East Timor's oil and gas
# No involvement in imminent attack
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Cultural Dissent

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Australian News

# Protesters 'greet' US war chief Rumsfeld
# Worker paralysed, boss fined $40,000
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# ACT anti-war rally to hit new terror laws
# West Papua poll was sham, says Dutch study
# 800 attend civil liberties rally

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