[Marxism] Wealth of US is caused by imperialist wars

Juan Carlos juancarloscruz at hotmail.com
Wed Nov 23 06:05:06 MST 2005

Hello all: from my point of view i think that the wealth of USA, and other 
big countries are created by imperialist-wars themselves and not by "natural 
resources", "hard work" and "free markets" like the apologists and preachers 
of capitalism say (i mean i can give u the example: Haiti, Mexico, France, 
Bolivia, etc.) all are full of hard working and smart people but those 
nations have ecnomic problems now. cuz they haven't been in military 
imperialist expansionist wars, and that's why they lack resources.  I think 
that the resources from imperialist-nations come from sacking other nations 
either (thru wars, thru free trade agreements (FTA) etc)
so i think that the only way to cure world fiscal and trade deficit 
problems, crime, and poverty in the lower classes is by a 
socialist-communist revolution, because it's impossible to solve economic 
problems within a capitalist reformist framework

Juan Carlos Cruz

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