[Marxism] Re: reading digests efficiently

Lueko Willms lueko.willms at t-online.de
Wed Nov 23 11:23:25 MST 2005

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Les Schaffer wrote:

> marxmailers who subscribe via digests may be interested in TheBat!, an
> email application that subscriber Lueko Willms has been using for a
> while. this application, in conjunction with a choice of the MIME digest
> option, allows one to read and respond to particular posts contained
> within the digest as if they were individual posts.

   While I prefer this application, TheBat! (
<http://www.ritlabs.com> ) to Microsoft products, I should mention
that e.g. MS Outlook also handles MIME DIGEST message collections
also correctly, see the two images at
> http://www.willms-edv.de/images/Outlook_0.jpg
> http://www.willms-edv.de/images/Outlook_1.jpg

  MS Outlook Express does it too, in principle, but when I tested the
a Marxmail digest with Outlook Express 6.0, the program told me that
it had eliminated the embedded messages as a dangerous appendix. Some
time ago I had tested with an older version of Outlook Express and
could read and reply to the individual messages in a digest.

  So anyway, I want to encourage digest users to try out at least one
delivery with the MIME instead of TEXT option.

Lüko Willms
/ Lueko.Willms at T-Online.de

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