[Marxism] Re: reading digests efficiently

Les Schaffer schaffer at optonline.net
Wed Nov 23 11:33:42 MST 2005

Lueko Willms wrote:

>While I prefer this application, TheBat! (
><http://www.ritlabs.com> ) to Microsoft products, I should mention
>that e.g. MS Outlook also handles MIME DIGEST message collections
>also correctly, see the two images at

i am NOT recommending Outlook to anyone unless you already are using it. 
i have tried it with digests and am not satisfied it handles MIME in a 
nice way. yes, you can click on individual messages and then respond, 
but TheBat! handles this much more transparently.

however, if you are stuck with Outlook, by all means enable MIME 
formatting and respond to individual messages.

>  So anyway, I want to encourage digest users to try out at least one
>delivery with the MIME instead of TEXT option.

i will offer assistance to any digest subscriber who wants to try a 
better email app.

les schaffer

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