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Sartre was a supporter of the Cuban Revolution. He came, he saw
and he was enthusiastic. He wrote a book which we used during the
early days. He was a committed intellectual who fought against his
home country's imperial adventures.

At the Alliance Francaise, here in Havana, a series of programs on
the French philosopher, author and activist began yesterday with a
series of panel discussions, a photo exhibition and a series of 
films based on his works being presented. Among the photographs of
Sartre and his friends was one showing him during the May-June 1968
days handing out leaflets and holding a copy of LA CAUSE DU PEUPLE,
a Maoist newspaper published at the time. The French embassy also is
cooperating with this presentation, and probably contributed funds to
support this amazing work. Can you imagine if there were something 
like this with the United States? Fantasize if you will and event in
celebration of the life of I.F. Stone, Paul Robeson, Malcolm X or
Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. here in Havana, Cuba featuring photos,
plays, books and so on, celebrating the lives of these great fighters
for social progress. Naturally this and much more would be possible
if relations between our two countries were normalized. It's not too
far-fetched to imagine, though it's not going to happen any time soon.
If the French can do this, why can't the United States? This reminds
me of somethine else, which I'll write about separately. Not long ago
a friend passed me a copy of the Spanish-language magazine published
here in Cuba by the British Embassy. I'll describe it in detail when
I write, but fancy this: The publication, a large slick multi-colored
magazine starts off, on page three, with a warm and friendly greeting
from the new British Ambassador to Cuba, John Dew. He's photographed
seated at the John Lennon statue, posed as if in animated conversation
with the great singer. He writes about all of the many things which
the two countries have in common. I'll see about getting his message
translated. This is what we could have were relations with the U.S.
to be normalized. Wouldn't it be nice?

Walter Lippmann, CubaNews

November 17, 2005

A CubaNews translation. Edited by Walter Lippmann

International Event Sartre in Cuba

Spearheading thoughts about revolution

Sonia Sánchez 
sonia.sh at granma.cip.cu

A figure who covered a broad spectrum of 20th. century’s intellectual
creation and one of its prime philosophers, Jean-Paul Sartre (France,
1905-1980) will be honored in Cuba on November 22 thru 25, on the
occasion of his centennial and the 45th. anniversary of his visit to
our country.


Well-known personalities from France (Michel Constant, Daniel
Linderberg, Michel Sicurt and Arno Muster) and Cuba close to the life
and work of Jean-Paul Sartre, who was also a noticeable essayist,
playwright and journalist, will attend the International Event Sartre
in Cuba: Hurricane, Furrow, Seed organized by the ‘Fernando Ortiz’
House of Higher Studies, the Cuban Book Institute, the Cuban Culture
Promotion and Development Center ‘Juan Marinello’, and Havana
Historian’s Office, among other institutions.

"He was a committed intellectual who spearheaded thoughts about
revolution and got involved in man’s profound sense of his own
conscience. There are none better suited than we Cubans to bring him
back”, said Organizing Committee head Dr. Eduardo Torres Cuevas at a
press conference.

Sessions will start on November 22 at 7:00 p.m. in Havana
University’s Main Lecture Hall. Among the main attractions will be
the presentation of ¿Qué es la literatura? (What’s Literature?) on
the 23rd at Culture Center ‘Dulce María Loynaz’; Sartre-Cuba,
Cuba-Sartre: Hurricane, Furrow, Seed (see above) issued by the
‘Fernando Ortiz’ House of Higher Studies’ Publishing House, and
Sartre’s novel La nausée (Nausea), edited by ‘Arte y Literatura’ (the
last two in November 26’s Book Saturday, at 11:00 a.m., Palace of the
Second-in-Command in Old Havana).

>From November 21 thru 24 ‘Chaplin’ Theater will play a cycle of
documentary films made by French filmmakers, and on the 24th in
Havana’s ‘Trianón’ theater, group Teatro el Público will present The
respectful whore (true title of the original play); there will be an
book exhibition at José Martí National Library (Nov. 9 to 25) and the
photographic exhibition Sartre seen by Korda’ in Casa de las Américas
(starting on Nov. 21st).

Jean Paul Sartre Honored in Havana

Havana, Nov. 23 (AIN) The thinking of philosopher Jean Paul Sartre
was highlighted in the opening ceremony of a forum marking the 45th
anniversary of the French thinker's visit to Cuba.

During a lecture at the University of Havana's main hall, Cuban
intellectual Alfredo Guevara -who was a close friend of the famous
writer- referred to the radicalization of the thinker and author who
understood the authenticity and ethical groundings of the Cuban

Guevara pointed out the anti-fascist ideas and profound analysis of
Jean Paul Sartre and the need to re-think the position of this
defender of irrefutable truths.

Xavier D´Arthuys, a French specialist on Sartre, said that Sartre's
popularity and contributions have not waned in the year of his

A colloquium entitled "Sartre in Cuba: Hurricane, Cultivator and
Planter of Seeds," organized by the Fernando Ortiz Higher Studies at
the University of Havana, began with a presentation by Professor
Eduardo Torres Cuevas, who stressed that for Cuba the thinking of
Sartre is a necessary source of reflection.

Sartre is, said the Torres Cuevas, the most popular philosopher in
the 20th century. "The French intellectual was an uneasy man who
searched for signs of revolution in any part of the world so as to
understand and explain them. For Sartre, socialism was the laboratory
of hope," said the essayist.

The colloquium which has had a great response from the Cuban academic
community will run until Friday and will enjoy the participation of
numbers of French thinkers well-versed in Sartre's work.

Título español: Inicia Cuba jornadas de homenaje al pensador Sartre

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