[Marxism] Comment to my blog from JJ on Syriana

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Thu Nov 24 07:56:19 MST 2005

Yeah, pretty much of a mess. Mainly, this is a movie about expensive hotel 
rooms. Oil dealers, lawyers, big government guys and sheiks all hang around 
big, fancy businessman hotels. The only scene that was funny - 
unintentionally I'm sure - was when the no-chin big-eared guy from Brother 
Where Art Though is shouting at a big DC lawyer (Jeffrey Wright) about how 
bribes are good because they're the market, where as regulation is the real 
evil, because it impedes the market.

Wright nods his head sagely. You can tell he's deep because he's wearing 
gold rimmed glasses and a Brooks Brothers Suit.

Clearly, the actor is using a sense memory to drive the scene. His memory: 
This Movie will pay for my beach house, but what the fuck is it about?

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