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The story below about the oppression of the first tribe to have Thanksgiving with the Pilgrims just confirms my belief in socialism.  The speculator bastards should have their properties confiscated and turned over to the Wampoanag.  It is an absolute DISGRACE, an ABOMINATION that any of these tribesmembers should go homeless.
It's no accident that probably some of the best Native-government relations today are in Venezuela, from a worker-peasant government that aims to go beyond capitalism.
Alex Briscoe
P.S.  I'm not against Thanksgiving dinners-  I have posted the excerpts below for the past couple of years because I find the history of Thanksgiving and Native-Settler relations in the rise of capitalism fascinating and horrifying.  In a more just future, I could see a Thanksgiving of sorts with a more balanced history.
Let the celebration of primitive accumulation begin!

>From the sins of the forefathers, let us build a new society, the
descendants of the victims and beneficiaries, together in struggle.

and pass the turkey


"Let us assure both the with-hunters and the witch doctors of
capitalism that the American monopolists will not be overthrown,
like the Indians, by foreign forces. They are destined to be
dislodged from within, like the feudal landlords, the English crown,
and the Southern slavocracy. This job will be done by social forces
generated under their own system and provoked by their own
reactionary rule. Not least among these forces will be the
descendants of the red, black, and brown peoples which were
subjugated by the bourgeois property owners on their way to supreme

The instinctive dread of this prospect accounts for the malevolence
of the monopolists toward the workers and the belligerence of their
intellectual defenders toward the socialist-minded vanguard. These
banner-bearers of reaction do not dread so much the importation of
ideas from abroad, for they welcome fascism and other brands of
obscurantism. What they fear is the enlightenment and inspiration
Marxism can give American workers and the oppressed nationalities in
working out the ways and means of their emancipation. Hence the
irreconcilable hostility toward "the philosophy of Marx, Engels and
Lenin" expressed in Harvard President Conant's call to ideological

When the pioneers of bourgeois society confronted their pre-
capitalist foes, they had both the power and the historical mission
to conquer. Their plutocratic heirs of the twentieth century have
neither. In our time the workers are the pioneers and builders of
the new world, the bearers of a higher culture. They embody a more
efficient method of production and are fully capable of
assimilating, mastering, and applying all the achievements of
science and technology, including the science of social change and
the techniques of struggle for political power.

Uprooting all the abominations of class society and cultivating
everything worthy in the techniques, knowledge, and culture taken
over from capitalism, the artificers of the coming society will
vindicate the achievements of the past by surpassing them.
The "liberty, equality, and fraternity" known in America's infancy,
which the bourgeoisie blasphemed and buried, will be regenerated and
enjoyed in its finest forms through the socialist revolution of the
working people.

It is the capitalist proprietors who are the barbarians in the midst
of modern society, resorting in their desperate struggle for
survival to the most fiendish weapons and practices. To remove them
from the seats of power is the central task of our generation.
Mankind cannot resume its upward climb until civilization is rescued
from capitalist barbarism."


George Novack, "Genocide Against The Indians: Its Role In The Rise
Of U.S. Capitalism"

Tantae molis erat*, to establish the "eternal laws of Nature" of the
capitalist mode of production, to complete the process of separation
between labourers and conditions of labour, to transform, at one
pole, the social means of production and subsistence into capital,
at the opposite pole, the mass of the population into wage-
labourers, into "free labouring poor," that artificial product of
modern society. If money, According to Augier, "comes into the world
with a congenital blood-stain on one cheek," capital comes dripping
from head to foot, from every pore, with blood and dirt .

*Tantae molis erat: what a great and heavy thing it was to found the
empire without end, seemingly immortal, like the society of bees,
but won at the cost of such suffering, as the individual bees are
lost while their community lives on.

Death and the Optimistic Prophecy in Vergil's Aeneid (Princeton,
1990), pp. 104-11.


"The treatment of the aborigines was, naturally, most frightful in
plantation-colonies destined for export trade only, such as the West
Indies, and in rich and well-populated countries, such as Mexico and
India, that were given over to plunder. But even in the colonies
properly so called, the Christian character of primitive
accumulation did not belie itself. Those sober virtuosi of
Protestantism, the Puritans of New England, in 1703, by decrees of
their assembly set a premium of £40 on every Indian scalp and every
captured red-skin: in 1720 a premium of £100 on every scalp; in
1744, after Massachusetts-Bay had proclaimed a certain tribe as
rebels, the following prices: for a male scalp of 12 years and
upwards £100 (new currency), for a male prisoner £105, for women and
children prisoners £50, for scalps of women and children £50. Some
decades later, the colonial system took its revenge on the
descendants of the pious pilgrim fathers, who had grown seditious in
the meantime. At
English instigation and for English pay they were tomahawked by red-
skins. The British Parliament proclaimed bloodhounds and scalping
as "means that God and Nature had given into its hand."
Karl Marx , Capital, Volume One, Part VIII: Primitive Accumulation,
Chapter Thirty-One: Genesis Of The Industrial Capitalist.

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http://www.chicagotribune.com/news/nationworld/chi-0511240136nov24,1,6967474.story?coll=chi-newsnationworld-hed Thanksgiving tribe seeks U.S. statusMassachusetts Indians whose ancestors sat with the Pilgrims want self-government and federal aid as land development imperils their cultureAdvertisement By Ron DePasquale
Special to the Tribune

November 24, 2005

BOSTON -- Their ancestors appear in every schoolchild's history book as the peaceful guests of the Pilgrims on the first Thanksgiving.

Yet Mashpee Wampanoag leaders say that their place in history does nothing for them now. Their ancient culture remains threatened and their 31-year-old struggle to gain federal recognition as a tribe continues.

And as tribal members flee skyrocketing real estate prices in the Cape Cod town of Mashpee, see their homes seized for back taxes or become homeless, the tribe says that recognition would bring not only self-government but also sorely needed housing funds. The wait is to end soon. A federal judge has ruled that the Bureau of Indian Affairs must make a decision this spring.

"We deserve the recognition," said Chief Vernon "Silent Drum" Lopez. "Why should all these other tribes be recognized and not the ones that made first contact? They forgot us, and we want to be known."

The onset of Thanksgiving brings a tinge of regret for the Mashpee Wampanoag, tribal Chairman Glenn Marshall said. Native Americans see no reason to celebrate the tribe's role as welcoming the "interlopers," he said.

"Other tribes look at us and say, `What were you thinking?'" Marshall said. "Our sachem [chief] at the time, Massasoit, believed in peace. He wanted a peaceful coexistence."

"East Coast tribes still live in a communal setting and have a traditional cultural relationship, but now they have to prove that [cultural traditions] continued throughout these unfortunate years of adverse policies and forced assimilation," said Jacqueline Johnson, executive director of the National Congress of American Indians. "For them it's a really difficult federal recognition process that takes a lot of financial resources."



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