[Marxism] Respect conference

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Thu Nov 24 10:41:08 MST 2005

In a message dated 24/11/2005 15:51:32 GMT Standard Time, 
jack.cade at btinternet.com writes:

> Though why he is wasting so many years in this outfit, if
> he believes what he writes is another question. Respect has not
> achieved anything like what it was apparently established to do
> and is marginalised and scorned by the rest of the left, such as
> it is.


This is nonsense. They've only been in existence for six months. In that time 
they've managed to get one MP elected, enjoyed a sizable percentage of the 
vote elsewhere, and are drawing full houses up and down the country. I'm a 
member of the SSP and know for a fact that Respect aren't scorned by most of my 
comrades. I suspect the word you're looking for rather than scorn is jealousy.


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