[Marxism] Respect conference

Einde O'Callaghan einde at gmx.de
Thu Nov 24 13:52:45 MST 2005

Jack Cade wrote:

> Plus I am accused of 'ignorance' by Comrade Leninology (please
> note Leninology that the preferred form for leading comrades, on
> the platform, is to say "What the comrade does not understand
> is...") and of perhaps being a member or aligned with 'mini-sects
> who scorn Respect but have shown themselves over the last decades
> to be incapable of building anything' by Comrade O'Callaghan.
For what it's worth I didn't accuse you of anything. Somebody 
interpreted what you meant by saying Respect was scorned by all on the 
left and I offered an alternative interpretation. Since I'm not a member 
of the SWP or Respect (I don't live in Britain), although I am aligned 
with the IST, I'm not in a position to really judge what Respect is or 
isn't doing, I can only comment on what I can observe from afar and what 
I know of the British left from having lived there for 20 years. Most of 
the derogatory comments I see about Respect seem to come from people who 
have never been able to build anything at all themselves.

The only other substantial force on the British left outside Respect is 
the Socialist Party of England and Wales (a rather unfortunate acronym). 
Whether they really have a better recipe in their campaign for a new 
workers' party remains to be seen. I will retain an open mind about both 
initiatives while continuing to hope that Respect will succeed.

I don't know whether the pseudonymous Mr Cade is a member or supporter 
of any grouping or party so I can't tell whether he has a particular 
sectarian bone to pick with Respect or with the SP of England and Wales, 
for which he also seems to have no time.

Einde O'callaghan

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