[Marxism] Re: Noise and workers' hearts

Marla Vijaya kumar marlavk at yahoo.com
Fri Nov 25 08:33:30 MST 2005

 David Walters writes :"Out of the close to 900 subscribers on this    
list, I probably work at a place with the highest noise level around: a 
power plant, and, for 20 years. Oh boy."

I think I understand your condition better, being a designer of 
power plant equipment. Present regulations specify 85dBA as the 
permissible noise level at 1M around the turbine-generator and 
70 dBA outside the powewr house.
It is next to impossible to achieve this level without a noise 
suppression hood around the machines. But as a designer, I have my 
own doubts about the effectiveness of these hoods. Now the new 
regulations talk about 70 dBA limit. 
Every other day, I spend hours in the factory test bed, where the 
generators are tested, and they are usually tested without enclosure, 
and the noise level is unbearable. Ear plugs will hinder our 
communications and moreover, we have to go round the machine 
and gauge the noise signature, just as a doctor checks the 
patient's pulse.
Vijaya Kumar Marla


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