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Fri Nov 25 13:08:08 MST 2005

'Paul H. Dillon 
Whoever wrote that intro doesn't know their history.

CB: Yes, you are correct. It was written by someone at the NYT.

But, there is a film recalling events from 35 years ago, not bad for
bourgeois film industry.


  Angela Davis was 
imprisoned for allegedly providing support to Jonathan Jackson, George 
Jackson's younger brother (and a very sweet kid, really), who kidnapped a 
judge at gunpoint (actually a shot gun taped to the judge's neck) in an 
effort to free not just George Jackson but 7 inmates who had been advocating

Black Power inside the California prison system--they moved these guys 
around from Soledad to Folsom to San Quentin on a regular basis, still 
hadn't built any SuperMax at that time.   The event took place at Frank 
Lloyd Wright's beloved Marin County Courthouse in upscale San Rafael, heart 
of Marin County which houses San Quentin.  .  The police mowed down Jonathan

and his two comrades in a hail of gunfire, the judge also lost his head in 
the event when the shotgun taped to his neck discharged.  Angela was 
eventually freed and charges dropped.

Amazing how short a time period it takes for history to start twisting 
itself.  I had been with Jonathan at a UFWA meeting in Salinas, CA only two 
weeks before the Marin County Courthouse event went down.

Paul Dillon

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