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Subject: RE: [Marxism] Respect Conference

Yada yada yada.  This is self-consciously sectarian
drivel which 
reflects the author's peculiar commitment to
Labourism.  Pearn often fantasises that the SWP is in
terminal decline.  This has been a fixture of
phone-box socialism for well over a decade now, and
you'd think someone would notice that it hadn't
happened.  Respect is, repeat and underline, a broad
left formation which has demonstrated the ability to
break into the 
mainstream of politics.  It's politics are well to the
left of the Labour Party which Pearn advocates voting

As Mr Pearn mentions the Weekly Worker, I should say
that taking 
*anything* on trust from that particular paper is a
catastrophic mistake. <snip>

It's always nice to see an old friend reappear on line
after a much needed rest. What a shame our 'anonymous'
friends comments are as trustworthy as the weekly
worker of which he was once a leading light. Although
i do appreciate the humour of our friend in condemning
what he calls phone-box socialism given his past in
the Spartacist League and the IBT not to mention his
own one person sectlet.

For what little its worth I've never claimed that the
SWP is in terminal decline on the contrary I strongly
suspect that unless put to the test of a rising tide
of class struggle that it could linger on for decades
due to the lack of any credible alternative. That it
is in decline is also a fact commonly agreed on by all
observers of the left scene in UK PLC and the drastic
reduction of numbers atending its annual Marxism
school in recent years has been often noted.

As for advocating a vote for the Labour Party our
friend is having a little fun here I suspect given
that he is well aware that in the last few General
Elections I have voted for the Socialist Party and in
1997 campaigned a member of the Socialist Labour
Party. That said I do consider that the Labour Party,
which cannot be reduced to the New Labour cabal, is
worthy of a vote in those constituencies in which no
credible socialist candidate is standing. Obviously
this would preclude voting for the many non-socialist
candidates of Respect.

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