[Marxism] Chinese coverup of chemical spill

Walter Lippmann walterlx at earthlink.net
Sun Nov 27 08:40:44 MST 2005

China: City Faces Major Eco-Disaster

Beijing, Nov 25 (Prensa Latina) In a disaster that has taken on
international significance, the city of Harbin in northeast China is
facing Friday a major ecological situation caused by the spilling of
100 tons of benzene into the Songhua River that supplies water to
that city.

The pollution of this 50-mile river was caused by an explosion of a
petrochemical plan in Jilin province on November 13, killing at least
one people and wounding 70.

The Harbin government decided last Wednesday to cut off water supply
for four days to the municipality's thousands of residents, who last
weekend went to markets to buy bottled water.

Experts from China´s State Environmental Protection Administration
confirmed that the concentration of this harmful substance has
gradually decreased, while authorities are drilling wells to supply
water to the people.

The government has taken measures to ensure the functioning of
heating in hospitals, universities and other important unities, as
well as inform people to keep away from the river, among other

Benzene is a colorless and toxic liquid with a sweet smell that
evaporates quickly. The consumption of food with high levels of this
product may cause vomiting, convulsions, heartbeat acceleration,
coma, death, as well as cancer and disorders in the blood.


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