[Marxism] Re: Military ethicist kills himself over Iraq abuses

Brian Shannon Brian_Shannon at verizon.net
Sun Nov 27 10:59:06 MST 2005

One might also title this: "Wound too tight at birth"

I don't intend to trivialize the death or murder of someone that seems 
noble by most American standards. My personal observation is that in 
the long run, and thinking as a soldier which I was for two years, the 
worst soldiers are the idealists.

Worst for effectiveness, for ability to adapt, for protection of fellow 
soldiers, and worst for themselves.

The old image of the marines remain the ideal: they are clean-cut young 
males (in the past white) who epitomize the "few good men" among us.

What happens when the marine type (including Col Westhusing) has to 
face reality? When they see a complex world in which their pure 
standards come up against a mix of other standards? When they are 
expected to kill and kill again for reasons that become less and less 
clear? When those that they come to save turn on them? When they have 
to terrorize the elderly, the young, the women? When they are told not 
to report cruelties that at their worst they could not imagine?

Brian Shannon

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