[Marxism] Re: Military ethicist kills himself over Iraq abuses

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There, right there's the problem with taking on the issue of an officer,
a military ethicist's (oxymoron can hardly describe this)
suicide--thinking that "Uh-oh,  this war is too bad.  This is
qualitatively different.  This is an aberration.  Abu Ghraib is a
mistake.  Bad lines of command.  Unclear authority.  Freelancers allowed
to get involved.  CIA interference.. etc etc etc."

Fact: This, Iraq is nothing new in scope or application for the US
military-- check the record of Gen "Black Jack" Pershing in the
Philippines-- "pacifying" Mindanao, exterminating Aguinaldo's Republican
fighters, killing several hundred thousand civilians. Check the records
of the Marines in Nicaragua, Haiti.

Check Vietnam in terms of corruption, abuse.  Check out WW2, black
marketing of US military supplies in Europe.  War turns half the world
into a morgue, the other half into a whorehouse and we know them both as
"the market."

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 Or is it just that Iraq really goes over the
> line and is qualitatively different from anything else the U.S.
military has
> been involved in?
> Paul Dillon
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