[Marxism] RE: Noise and worker's hearts

Les Schaffer schaffer at optonline.net
Sun Nov 27 12:21:21 MST 2005

Juan Carlos wrote:

> Hello my friend: You  know something? i have 180 books and I cannot 
> read them because of high-levels of noises.  I live in Dominican Republic

i have a (very good) student in another physics class from your country. 
but she gets kind of shy when i start talking politics. i will ask her 
about where she lives.

> a very unregulated society and there are no laws here for noises, and 
> the noise-levels here are so high at least around my neighborhood that 
> i cannot concentrate with peace to read the revolutionary books i have 
> (What a kicker), 

i just noticed that the DOminican Today carried a piece on the German study:


saw Pakistani papers cover it as well. there is WHO study that 
identifies developing countries where noise in the workplace is most 


seems that sewing shops in southeast asia are none too easy on the ear.

> although i have to confess that I listen to hard rock music real loud

me too

> i have 2 500 watts speakers in my car

that's loud. the student who drives the boom-boom car is from Latin 
America (tho not exactly sure which part).

> I don't know but developed countries like USA are a lot better for 
> students than under developend countries like Dominican Republic, at 
> least developed countries have laws to control noises 

though they are often only weakly enforced.

which reminds me, when i was in DC for the last anti-war demo, i 
remember being struck by the EPA building that we marched by. it seemed 
very elegant and nicely designed, sort of in inverse proportion to the 
agency's effectiveness in dealing w/ environmental issues.

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les schaffer

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