[Marxism] Popular/national fronts, dissappointments

Nestor Gorojovsky nestorgoro at fibertel.com.ar
Sun Nov 27 12:57:41 MST 2005

Sorry, Rrubinelli, will have to disappoint you again. Got little, if 
any more, to add to the clean, crisp, straightforward and crystal 
clear words by Carlos Rebello. 

Carlos has defended the position much better than I ever could.  I 
don't know if in football this is true, but -on this issue at least- 
an Argentinean bows in a cavallier gesture at a Brazilian and tells 
him: "yes, man, on this, you are the best".

At any rate, and just as a compensation so that I will not miss your 
natural daiquiris if I ever get to NYC (and don't forget the 
locomotive) I will just send in a few lines about your: "glad to see 
that Nestor acknowledges the essential identity of national and 
popular fronts; the difference being semantical , not social,  a 
choice of words."

(a) Any front of classes is just that, a front of classes.  No 
mystery in this.  Popular, national, imperialist or whatever, they 
are all elements in a single formal Boolean class: fronts.

(b) Among these, I single out national fronts as those waging war 
within their own country against a foreign power (most probably, as 
history has sadly shown throughout the 20th Century, against an 
"imperialist class alliance at the core nation-states") which 
operates within the country that gives life to the national front, 
usually through local classes which constitute an "nnti-national 

(c) a popular front, is something different.  Moreover: sometimes, 
and in particular conditions, a "popular front" policy can even give 
birth to an "anti-national front".  On this, our Cuban cdes. could 
enlighten us with plenty of examples, not to speak of what additional 
examples _I_ can send to the list regarding the "popular front" 
policies in Argentina during the 30s and the early 40s  (and, know 
what, the mid-1980s!!!!!!!!!)

And, Rrubinelli, be a sport:  the most important part of my e-mail 
was the mention of Rio de Janeiro and its wonderful gift of sunshine. 
 Don't ruin it with comments on secondary issues such as popular or 
national fronts.   This is simply not done, tsk, tsk, tsk!


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