[Marxism] Deutscher Prize: Who Moderates the Moderator?

Jscotlive at aol.com Jscotlive at aol.com
Mon Nov 28 11:55:08 MST 2005

In a message dated 28/11/2005 17:26:39 GMT Standard Time, b.kelly at qub.ac.uk 

> I can easily see
> how an extended argument between the moderator and a critic of Cuban state
> capitalism could degenerate quickly into mud-slinging on both sides.  


Though in the past I have had my share of differences with the moderator of 
this list, in this instance I fully and unequivocally endorse his description 
of the creature otherwise known as Kevin Murphy as an anti-Marxist. The name of 
this list is marxmail. Those who would cite right wing scumbags as reliable 
sources in order to disseminate scurrilous accusations against the government 
of a SOCIALIST country are deserving of nothing but contempt.

As Louis rightly stated in an earlier post, Isaac Deutscher would be turning 
in his grave at his name being associated with such an individual.


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