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> The headquarters of the association is in Argentina, and the
> chairperson of the conference was a silver-haired, silver mustached,
> patriarch from Buenos Aires, attended to by his daughter.  Patrician
> barely begins to describe it.

I am not sure whether the HQs are in Argentina yet.

The description you make fits General De Marchi, who has been the 
President of the LA Ass of RRs for long decades.

There is an interesting history with General De Marchi.

When the 1966 military coup came to substitute American influence for 
British influence in Argentina, the Army put at the head of the 
Argentinean National Railways someone who "knew something on 
railroads", a General whose parents had been railroad workers, 
General De Marchi.

If he had managed to become a top brass Army officer, it simply was 
because of upwards social mobility fostered by Peronism during its 
halcyon days (1945-1955).

The mandate of De Marchi was simply to dismantle as much as possible 
of the RR system:  one of the main objectives of the -sorry- anti-
national front in Argentina ever since 1955, and particularly when 
after 1958 the developmentist administration of Arturo Frondizi put 
imperialist car factories at the core of Arg industrialization.

But he could not forget that he was the son of a railroad worker.  
Thus, after a first round of strikes and labor actions (sometimes 
linked to other struggles, as when the sugar workers in Tucumán 
welded the wheels to the track), he managed to talk with the unions 
on a respectful basis.  The unions devised a plan to keep the Arg 
railroads running and in good shape, and De Marchi very happily 
purchased it.

It was under his intervention of the National RRs that we had express 
trains running at 100 mph on the main track.  There has never been a 
better moment in our inland communications since (planes are not and 
will never be a massive means of transport here, buses are by 
definition a lot slower).

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