[Marxism] Re: Military ethicist kills himself over Iraq abuses

Debordagoria phantasmagorias at yahoo.com
Mon Nov 28 13:14:29 MST 2005

Military ethics is indeed an absurd notion.  Joseph
Heller's Catch 22 captures the nihilistic atmosphere
of WW2, the so-called "good war." 
Michael D.

--- rrubinelli <rrubinelli at earthlink.net> wrote:

> There, right there's the problem with taking on the
> issue of an officer,
> a military ethicist's (oxymoron can hardly describe
> this)
> suicide--thinking that "Uh-oh,  this war is too bad.
>  This is
> qualitatively different.  This is an aberration. 
> Abu Ghraib is a
> mistake.  Bad lines of command.  Unclear authority. 
> Freelancers allowed
> to get involved.  CIA interference.. etc etc etc."
> Fact: This, Iraq is nothing new in scope or
> application for the US
> military-- check the record of Gen "Black Jack"
> Pershing in the
> Philippines-- "pacifying" Mindanao, exterminating
> Aguinaldo's Republican
> fighters, killing several hundred thousand
> civilians. Check the records
> of the Marines in Nicaragua, Haiti.
> Check Vietnam in terms of corruption, abuse.  Check
> out WW2, black
> marketing of US military supplies in Europe.  War
> turns half the world
> into a morgue, the other half into a whorehouse and
> we know them both as
> "the market."

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