[Marxism] Re: Class struggle. [Was: Deutscher prize juror explains Kevin Murphy award, sort of]

Tom O'Lincoln suarsos at alphalink.com.au
Mon Nov 28 15:33:39 MST 2005

In the course of the polemic, Lou wrote:

>>Of course, one might have questions about what kind of "class struggle"
existed during the early years of the Russian revolution since the
bourgeoisie had been liquidated as a class but I suppose that there are no
rules against awarding prizes to books that have an anti-Marxist concept of

Later he wrote:

>>check out google before you embarrass yourself.<<

Well, the latter is good advice. A few minutes on Google found me this
quote from Lenin:

“As long as classes exist, the class struggle is inevitable. In the period
of transition from capitalism to socialism the existence of classes is
inevitable; and the Programme of the   Russian Communist Party definitely
states that we are taking only the first steps in the transition from
capitalism to socialism. Hence, the Communist Party, the Soviet government
and the trade unions must frankly admit the existence of a class struggle
and its inevitability until the electrification of industry and agriculture
is completed— at least in the main—and until small production and the
supremacy of the market are thereby cut off at the roots. It follows from
this that at the present moment we can under no circumstances abandon the
idea of the strike struggle, we cannot, as a matter of principle, conceive
the possibility of a law that makes compulsory state mediation take the
place of strikes.

Lou, it would be better if you didn’t dismiss people you disagree with as
“anti-Marxist”, not just because you’ll embarrass yourself, but because it
blocks debate.

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