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Mon Nov 28 15:55:52 MST 2005

From: Michael Everett <ia728 at adelphia.net>

In observance of the 60th anniversary of the
Hollywood Studio Strikes of 1945-47, please see our website
http://www.iatse728.org/home/strike.htm for a summary of events and
original strike documents of the Conference of Studio Unions (CSU).
This all but forgotten battle between IATSE and the pro-democracy
forces of the CSU was headline news in the postwar years and is said
to have led directly to Taft-Hartley.  

It has been said of Hollywood labor, as the chips fell in 1947, so do
they lie today, and nothing better illustrates this than the IATSE
International convention of last July in which delegates, following
the lead of our unelected International president Tom Short soundly
rejected a resolution that would have removed the red clause from our
C&BL's and would have caused IATSE to issue a formal apology for its
leadership role in the Hollywood Blacklist.

Elsewhere on our website are numerous advertisements and articles
relating to the technological evolution of motion picture lighting in
the 1930's-1940's, as excerpted from "The International Photographer,"
official bulletin of IATSE Cinematographers Local 659 (now Local 600.)

Another section of interest are photos of Hollywood "juicers" at work
from the 1920's up to the present day.

Michael Everett
Executive Board, 
IATSE Local 728, Studio Electrical Lighting Technicians, 

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