[Marxism] Re: Class struggle. [Was: Deutscher prizejurorexplains Kevin Murphy award, sort of]

Nick Fredman srcsra at scu.edu.au
Mon Nov 28 18:12:09 MST 2005


>In the USSR, even during the NEP, there was no capitalist class as such.

I understood that under the NEP there was some private ownership of 
industrial means of production, hence the need for class struggle and 
independent unions, as the CPSU resolution Tom quoted called for, as 
opposed to the War Communism period of 1918-21. Or maybe it was just 
the *potential* for such ownership and such class struggle market 
relations were partially reintroduced, that the resolution was aimed 

I also understood Lenin and most of the party sharply differed on 
this from Trotsky, who thought a workers state could legitimately 
militarise labour.

BTW, the resolution makes clear Lenin and the CPSU had a very 
different conception of what "state capitalism" meant, than Tom. That 
is, they meant by it the strict regulation by the workers state of 
the necessary private capital sector in the transitional 
post-capitalist economy. That is, what Cuba does in relation to joint 
ventures :)

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