[Marxism] Deutscher Prize: Who Moderates the Moderator?

Joaquín Bustelo jbustelo at bellsouth.net
Mon Nov 28 18:13:11 MST 2005

Brian Kelly writes, >>I can easily see how an extended argument between
the moderator and a critic of Cuban state capitalism could degenerate
quickly into mud-slinging on both sides.<< 

Well, things rarely get so base around here. 

Apart from an intemperate post of mine from time to time, for example
about a certain person who specializes in immigrant-bashing (I see he
has another post calling them scabs) very little genuine mud-slinging
goes down here. 

I do think what you've perceived as "mud slinging" was called for in the
case of this person awarded the book award. People who draw their
"facts" on Cuba from the Miami counterrevolutionary sewers via the state
department socialists, ought not to be held in high esteem in Marxist
circles, quite independently of one's position on Cuba. Because the
affirmation in and of itself was absurd. Why would a rational military
commander choose to use sandbags as a weapon rather than bombs? Only in
Miami could a tale like that originate and be believed. 

Moreover, whether you believe Cuba is capitalist, socialist or feudal,
it is a semicolonial country and on that basis alone deserves to be
supported against imperialist lies. Allthemoreso in this case when
Washington's hostility is based on Cuba's refusal to follow imperial

Actually, I wish the state cap comrades would be a little bit more
forthcoming. The reality is that most everyone agrees Cuba is
qualitatively different from a regular capitalist country. And the
differences are *so striking* especially in the logic of the economy (is
there any other country that consciously produced a HUGE surplus of
doctors?) that eventually you wind up with state capitalism being very
different from real --excuse me, I mean regular-- capitalism. And that
immediately opens the political question -- is Cuba's different system
better for working people? How did it get that way? And so on.

I've yet to see the state capitalist comrades really engage to where we
got to the political level. Snide remarks about the "veneration" of Cuba
aside, do the comrades actually *have* an analysis, a *political*
analysis, or do they think it is enough to derive the politics from a


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