[Marxism] *dialectical* appreciations

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Mon Nov 28 22:48:57 MST 2005

>We need some dialectical appreciations of societies like those of
>China, Brazil, Argentina and so on. With few exceptions, mostly
>posted by stubborn hard-cases, here we receive entirely negative
>appreciations of countries like China. Let's get some dialectics
>going on in appreciating these complex societies. In my work on
>Cuba, I post a wide range of material, favorable, unfavorable,
>flattering and unflattering. A broader appreciation, indeed one
>informed by dialectics, would be better. Por favor!
>Walter Lippmann

Walter, dialectics is not about remembering to post "good" things as well 
bad things about a country. That is more what I would call journalistic 
balance or something. Dialectics, on the other hand, in terms of the 
reference to Deutscher (and Trotsky ultimately) is understanding the 
contradictory nature of Soviet society. Despite its conservative and 
privileged bureaucracy, it rested on the foundations of a historically 
*progressive* mode of production. That mode of production never existed in 
Brazil or Argentina and is in the final stages of being liquidated in China.   

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