[Marxism] merck takes vioxx failure out on...

Sudhir Devadas sudhirdin at gmail.com
Tue Nov 29 00:34:50 MST 2005

buried in "today's news in brief" from the on-line edition of today's
christian science monitor, is this tiny gem, truly priceless, except for
those at the receiving end. it reminds me of a saying we have in malayalam,
the mother tongue of those from kerala, india : ' having lost in the market,
taking it out at home'. as quite often happens the local flavour is lost in
the translation. anyway, it's a matter of  no small pride that we could
linguistically anticipate the vindictiveness of a pharma muti-national!



*Faced with thousands of liability lawsuits linked to its recalled
painkiller Vioxx, pharmaceutical giant Merck & Co. said it will cut 7,000
jobs by the end of 2008. The 11 percent workforce reduction and five plant
closings should save the company $4 billion, it said.

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