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> It says class struggle is not just potential but INEVITABLE. Elsewhere
> Lenin calls the workers’ state “a bourgeois state without the bourgeoisie”
> so there is really no reason to doubt that a strike in a state-owned
> enterprise would be class struggle. So it’s not just a matter of the NEP. I
> don’t really see why this is so hard for some Fidelistas to accept, it just
> seems like basic Marxism to me. But perhaps one barrier is the spectre of
> the dreaded Tony Cliff. Nick writes: 


The question isn't whether it existed post-1917, but whether it was in power 
and the priority of ensuring that it could not return to power. Only for a 
very brief period after the Feb revolution was there anything like a capitalist 
class in Russia in power. As for Cuba, there is no capitalist class in power. 
The dual economy, which I believe has now been significantly curtailed, was by 
and large made up of partnerships between the state and foreign investors 
around the tourist industry - in the building and running of hotels, etc.

This is significantly different from the NEP as introduced by Lenin, which 
involved an indigenous small class of merchants dealing in consumer goods, in 
effect acting as a conduit of goods between the peasantry and the proletariat. 
It also involved the use of 'foreign experts' to help rebuild the country after 
the destruction wrought by the civil war.

Your use of the pejorative 'Fidelistas' to describe those of us who support 
the Cuban Revolution, btw, is offensive. As a former members of the UK-SWP (for 
a whole month until I realised and experienced the extent of their anti-Cuban 
bullshit), I can state unequivocally that what sets them apart from every 
other socialist organisation, party, group that I've been around or exposed is 
their cult-like adherence to the teachings and writings of Tony Cliff. 

Now that is anti-Marxist.


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