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Renato Pompeu renatopompeu at bol.com.br
Mon Nov 28 23:00:44 MST 2005

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  > We need some dialectical appreciations of societies like those of
  > China, Brazil, Argentina and so on.
  > Walter Lippmann

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  In Brazil there are many interpretations by the Left about the Lula
government. All agree that Lula pursues a regressive neoliberal agenda in
macroeconomics, a progressive international policy and a minimal, barely
perceptible, effort to redistribute wealth and to ameliorate the situation
of the very poor. In this last question, he has a better record than the
previous second term of Fernando Henrique Cardoso, but not so better in
relation to Cardoso's first term. In spite of the corruption scandal in PT
and in the government, the polls indicate that Lula would win a second term
against almost all any other candidates, but would lose do just one: Serra,
mayor of São Paulo and a member of Cardoso's party. Serra is a stranger in
the cuckoo's nest, for he is not a neoliberal, but a "desenvolvimentista"
("developmentalist"), more aligned to the entrepreunerial classes than to
the financial rentists favoured by Lula and Cardoso. But Lula's advantage
over other candidates is diminishing each day.
  These are the facts, which are objective and can be accepted for all. But
the interpretations and political positions vary greatly in the Left. Some
defend that Lula, in a second term, would use a "B plan", different from
neoliberalism, and so still are for him. Others feel that, in any case, Lula
is the "lesser evil", for Serra, even committed to "developmentalism", is
not committed to the redistribution of wealth. Still others preffer Serra.
  In the meanwhile, the corruption scandal still rages and its results are
  Thank you for your attention.
  Renato Pompeu

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