[Marxism] Tariq Ali: "My compatriots have learned a new word for love: CUBA" (Spanish)

Muammar Kris Khaira kris at kriskhaira.com
Tue Nov 29 04:17:57 MST 2005

Excellent article.

This is an English version translated by Google's Language Tools:

On Nov 29, 2005, at 6:56 PM, Walter Lippmann wrote:

> While I realize that for most of us reading these messages,
> English is our first language,  you won't have any difficulty
> getting the drift of this article which appears in today's
> edition of the Granma daily newspaper here in Havana.
> CubaNews have it in English as soon as we get the translation.
> Nice photo of Tariq Ali at the Granma website, too.
> Granma Diario
> 29 de diciembre 2005
> Mis compatriotas han aprendido una nueva palabra de amor: CUBA
> http://www.granma.cubaweb.cu/2005/11/29/nacional/artic06.html 

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