[Marxism] Fwd: that Deutscher Prize

michael a. lebowitz mlebowit at sfu.ca
Tue Nov 29 12:27:41 MST 2005

>Louis wrote:
>I would only urge the good professors who make up the Deutscher jury to
>>learn to use the Internet properly, and google in particular.... 
>>But in the future, before you hand out the Deutscher prize
>>to somebody channeling the Black Book of Communism, check out google before
>>you embarrass yourself.
>         As much as I share Louis' views of some of the garbage that 
> purports to be left stances (incidentally, as part of the 
> Cuba-Venezuela friendship, the solution to Caracas' garbage problem 
> will be to drop it on those rafts leaving Cuba--- you read it here 
> first!), I think his advice to the Deutscher Prize judges is 
> totally unreasonable; after all, those beleaguered folks already 
> have to plough through some pretty turgid prose. (My impression is 
> that they are not relieved from this task by party directives.) 
> Perhaps it would be sufficient to introduce a simple disclaimer 
> affidavit ('I am not now nor have I ever acted on behalf of US 
> imperialism...') to be completed by all candidates upon 
> notification that their work was being considered.
>         Despite, however, my view that Kevin Murphy's comments on 
> that historic usenet group to which Louis directed us deserve to be 
> dropped on said rafts, I'm still interested in the book that won 
> the prize because I think there's a lot yet to learn (at least for 
> me) about class struggle (its forms and content)in the USSR. Now, 
> could somebody do those reviews so I can find out whether the book 
> is more than a footnote to the BB of C?
>         in solidarity,
>         michael

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