[Marxism] Re: Class struggle...

Callum McCormick kingcal78 at hotmail.com
Tue Nov 29 12:46:37 MST 2005

>To suggest that the British-SWP is open and non-dogmatic is, frankly,
>ludicrous. Even as the poor and oppressed of the Third World, specifically 
>in Africa
>and Latin America, have benefited and gained inspiration from the Cuban
>Revolution - including btw Eva Morales and Hugo Chavez - the two latest 
>celebres of the SWP - this organisation continues to deny even the 
>existence of
>Cuba, due to the obvious embarrassment of an unsustainable position of 


The position of the SWP is quite clear, and all it does is point out two 
clear facts:

1) Cuba is not socialist and is not heading towards socialism. The Cuban 
revolution was brought about by a  petty-bourgeois guerilla movement 
seperate from the struggles of Cuban workers. The regime retains its middle 
class character to this day. It is state capitalist, and on this basis, any 
mass movement to remove Castro would have to be supported.

2) Total opposition to Imperialist intervention and for an end to the 

Those two position are clear, socialist positions - they are not 
'embarrassing' in the least, which is we the SWP publishes them every week 
in their paper.

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